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The Transafe XRS2400 EXtension Ramp System is a lightweight ramp and winch system designed to be quickly deployed for easy loading and unloading of ambulance transport patients. The two main components of the system are the portable extension ramps and a portable powered winch.

  • The XRS2400 extension ramps have been designed to be light weight and sturdy and can handle weight loads of up to 2,400lbs, far beyond the combined weight of the heaviest of patients and transport cot.
  • The XRS2400 winch box is meant to be used solely in conjunction with the two XRS2400 ramps. The winch-box utilizes an oversized winch that is more that capable of pulling the combined weight load of the heaviest patient and transport cot.
  • The XRS2400 system components should never be used for any other purpose other than for its intended use for the safe and effective transport of ambulance patients. With simple care and maintenance the XRS2400 will provide many years of trouble free service.

Bariatric Patient Response: You have probably responded to calls where, en route to the scene, dispatch informs you that the patient is a 500-pound person who slipped and fell. Your immediate thoughts turn to how you are going to move and transport this patient safely, without injury to the patient, yourself or your partner. Are there enough people to effect a safe move? Do you have the extrication equipment to move the patient to your cot? What is the weight limit on your cot? Is your cot wide enough to make the patient comfortable? A safe movement that preserves the patient’s dignity is the ultimate goal when equipping and planning for the care and transport of bariatric patients.

XRS2400 Features:

  • 2,400lb. Weight Capacity
  • Easy Storage
  • Super Fast Deployment
  • Able To Bridge From House Landing Directly Into Ambulance
  • Set-Up Is So Fast You’ll Want To Use It For Non-Heavyweight Patients As Well
  • Lightweight And Portable… transferable from ambulance to ambulance via a XRS Ambulance
  • Kits which enables additional ambulances to be “bariatric ready” to accept the XRS2400 Ramps and Winch

Transafe is made in the USA.